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kʼicheʼ g︎uatamala + mexico ︎ eng/esp/pt
isfp 9w1 sp/sx 974 melancholic
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Akashi Haruchiyo . 明司 春千夜

The surname Akashi means "bright" (明) (aka) and "preside over" (司) (shi). His other surname Sanzu means "three" (三) (san) and "ways, crossings" (途) (zu). His given name Haruchiyo means "spring" (春) (haru) and "thousand generations/worlds" (千夜) (chiyo)

HEIGHT172 cm / 5'8" ft
WEIGHT55kg / 121 lb
BIRTHDAYjuly 3rd 1990
IMAGE COLORmagenta-ish pink
FAVORITE THINGcozy corner cheesecake
DISLIKESspicy things (because it makes him sweat)
SPECIAL SKILLswordsmanship
HATED PERSONhot/smothering person
DREAMbeing mikeys right-hand man
FAILURE STORYon the captains birthday, he found out who the captain disliked, ripped out their hair, wrapped it, and gave it to the captain as a present, but he got scolded. being a captain is difficult (?)
FAVORITE PLACEa cold warehouse in winter
DAILY ROUTINEthe day baji punched hanagaki and quit toman, there was something i really wanted to ask baji. "baji, are you really going to quit toman?"
"I see. Don't get lonely. There's one last thing I want to ask you"
"I can't say anything about Valhalla"
"what kind of treatment are you using?"
"I've always thought it was your cuticles"
"...your still a weird guy... its soap though..."
"I see. thank you baji"
When I tried it the next day, my hair became greasy and frizzy. the next time we meet, i'll kill baji
EXTRA5th place in popularity poll (3210 votes)
1st one that eats the least
1st most difficult to date*
2nd longest eyelashes
2nd best at gambling
2nd worst boyfriend
3rd worst singer

*Sanzu, the number one, is absolutely loyal to the "King" and seems to be peeking at him at any time and in any place. There may never be a time when he can relax.